Hire Sweat Entertainment

With Sweat Marketing & Brand Partnerships we are able to offer a full-service creative campaign management business dedicated to elevating your projects. Our suite of services is designed to address every aspect of your creative and distribution needs.

Ad Execution and Strategy: In collaboration with Noiselash, we provide targeted advertising strategies and execution, tailored to meet your specific objectives.

Creative, A&R, and Visual Commissioning: Our team specializes in a wide range of creative services, including A&R support and visual content creation, to enhance your project's appeal.

Team Building and Management: We build and manage teams, ensuring that every project element is executed flawlessly.  From budget management to knowing who the right people are to have in your corner.

Music & Brand Partnerships: Our expertise in forging partnerships between music and brands results in powerful, mutually beneficial collaborations.  We can help your brand build out its music offerings, from branded playlists to real world activations.

DSP Relationship Management: We manage your interactions with Digital Service Providers to optimize your content's distribution and performance.

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